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Tulio’s Project Portal stands at the forefront of a retail revolution, introducing a new era in the purchasing of curtains and blinds. Offering an extensive digital library of designs alongside instant price discovery for custom measurements, the Project Portal removes the cumbersome back-and-forth that once characterized tailor-made drapery acquisition.

Architects and Interior Designers are now empowered with a streamlined, efficient tool to craft personalized furnishing themes across diverse spaces for their clients. This inventive solution ensures that individual style can be realized at a moment’s notice while maintaining uncompromising quality and aesthetic excellence.


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Choose from 5,000 elegant Curtains & Blinds designs that combine traditional crafts with modern manufacturing here on our online portal.

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Get the approximate value of each of our products directly after adding your customisations and window sizes.


Visualise your projects with ease.

Create project boards with shortlisted products and share those with the client to help them make quick decisions by visualising the products better and understanding the cost implications as well.

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